Tom Murray Writer

Out of My Head

Now we know each other a bit better--time to get personal.

I live and work in Selkirk the Scottish Borders.  I am married with two sons. 

Below is the view from my window from a few years back--the photo could have been taken yesterday.  

I was born in the village of Chapelhall which is a couple of miles from Airdrie, and fifteen or so from Glasgow.  

Though still a Chapelhall lad I've now put down roots in the Scottish Borders.    

Here amongst the rocking and rolling hills I write, stare out of the window, write, pace the carpet bare, and write.

For a number of years I worked in the Textile industry.  

My first attempts at writing took place a long time ago when the world was young and grey hairs didn't gather on the barbers floor.  After that the writing came in fits and starts with lonnnnnnggggggg  gaps in between before finally putting on my serious face I turned professional as the world welcomed in a new millennium.  Somehow this momentous literary event was overshadowed by such trivial worries of computer crashes and the end of the world!! 

Since settling in the Borders I've been constantly involved in the thriving Scottish Borders writing scene.   I started and ran the Galashiels Writers Group for nearly ten years.  I was co editor of the Eildon Tree Magazine from 1999 to 2011. I'm a member of the Borders Writers Forum.  

One of the essentials I think as a writer ( second after actually writing) is getting out and about and making contact with other people.  It has been said many times before but it is a solitary life.  As people who know me will testify I could talk about writing all day. So I  do a lot of work in Schools and with Writers groups running Prose, Poetry and Drama workshops. 

I am currently Writing Fellow to Tyne & Esk writers. I was recently Scottish Book Trust Reader In Residence to Scottish Borders Libraries.   I have also been Writer in Residence to Clackmannanshire Council;  Writer in Residence to Galashiels Academy.  Also to Peebles High School. All these residencies have been a tremendous experience for me and I hope the writers I've worked with.   I was also Writing Tutor to writers in the Craigmillar community.  I've have been a lecturer in Creative Writing at Borders College.

Favourite writers include: Tennessee Williams, David Mamet, Charles Bukowski, Ray Bradbury, Robert Louis Stevenson, Neil Gaiman and HG Wells.

Favourite film:  The Godfather (all three parts, the third part is growing on me the more I watch.), Harvey, Bride of Frankenstein.

Favourite TV:  Community,  Sopranos, Doctor Who, The Simpsons, Futurama, Deadwood.

Favourite music:  The Beatles, Squeeze, The Band and Hank Williams.

Favourite football team: Celtic FC.

The above (except for the football team) is subject to change depending on mood, time of day and the weather!!